Louie's Wine Dive



Shannon Woolley- Owner Operator

Shannon grew up thinking he wanted one thing out of life, he wanted to work and showcase his talents for the best restaurants throughout the Midwest. Fast forward just a few years, and Shannon is working at Louie's Wine Dive. This is not intended to be an unashamed plug, but a reality of what it is to be an integral part of Louie's Wine Dive. Shannon is an experienced and dedicated Manager who enjoys his guests, making new friends, and ensuring you leave Louie's Wine Dive with a full belly, a warm heart, and a big smile. When not at Louie's, Shannon likes to sleep, eat, and play golf. Next time you visit ask Shannon how his last round was, because you never know. Shannon has three beautiful children: Melissa, Austin, and Chrysta.

Will Clarke- Executive Chef

Will grew up immersed in the culinary abundance of Chesapeake Bay and the farmlands of Maryland. He attended the Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts. He worked from gatsro-pub to fine dining, embarking upon a culinary tour of the United States. Will is a newcomer to the Des Moines culinary scene but is tremendously excited to be the chef at Louie’s Wine Dive!