DES MOINES The Des Moines Crew Jason was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, but now considers himself a Des Moines native. He moved to Des Moines in 2004 and his love for the city and it's people have kept him here ever since. Jason has lived and cooked all over this great nation and abroad, and the Louie's Wine Dive menu is a reflection of his travels and experience. Jason has a wonderful wife Cynthia and daughter Madeline, who are often his most demanding food critics. CHEF JASON KAPELA - OWNER OPERATOR
ZACK TUCKER - BEVERAGE MANAGER SHANNON WOOLLEY - FRONT OF HOUSE MANAGER Shannon grew up thinking he wanted one thing out of life, he wanted to work and showcase his talents for the best restaurants throughout the Midwest. Fast forward just a few years, and Shannon is working at Louie's Wine Dive. This is not intended to be an unashamed plug, but a reality of what it is to be an integral part of Louie's Wine Dive. Shannon is an experienced and dedicated Manager who who enjoys his guests, making new friends, and ensuring you leave Louie's Wine Dive with a full belly, a warm heart and a big smile. When not at Louie's, Shannon likes to sleep, eat and play golf. Next time you visit ask Shannon how his last round was, because you never know. Shannon has three beautiful children: Melissa, Austin, and Chrysta. Des Moines born and raised, Zack knows this wonderful city like the back of his hand. As a youth, Zach dreamed of being part of the restaurant biz and practiced his dedication on anyone who would allow him to serve them an imaginary four-course meal. Such dedication at an early age was hard to ignore, and Iowa State University welcomed him with open arms into their Hospitality Management program and football team. His studies took him to Australia where he saw kangaroos box, drains swirl counterclockwise and learned to “cook shrimp on the barbie”. After graduating in 2012, Zack found Louie’s Wine Dive and Louie’s Wine Dive found Zack... a match made in heaven especially given his passion for wine. He loves cars, football and his wonderful puppy, Kota, but nothing will ever get in the way of his true calling, carrying his winning smile and making people laugh.
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